Sunday, February 27, 2011

Puppy Back & H Litter Update

The simple reason that I do not participate in a contract that requires a stud fee puppy is because I intend to control certain things about the puppies I create, and when one gives up a puppy for a stud fee -- well, you have zero control. That puppy can be sold, placed, bred -- whatever -- and there is nothing to be said about it.

I know it is not really fair since the stud dog is half of the equation, but there it is -- I want certain kinds of homes for the puppies and I want to decide what those look like.

I am so glad that there are people who are more open than I am, and who have stud dogs available for the rest of us -- but likely I will never have one :)

I wanted to mention a few things about this massive search for Mr. Right -- maybe call it advice for Stud Dog owners....

1. No excuse not to have a DM status on your stud dog -- none at all. This is a nasty disease that we can eliminate with simple cheek swabs -- get with the program...

2. Letting your male breed to anyone with the $$$$ cheapens your dog and turns people -- like me -- off. I did not explore certain dogs because of who the owners were willing to do business with -- that may seem silly but I do not want to be part of a "family" that includes what I consider -- well, you know what I mean...

3. Respond in a timely, articulate way -- enough said about that.

We cannot find perfect dogs or perfect owners because none of us are that -- but some basic level of ethics and communication skills does not seem like too much ask -- does it??!

H Litter is a go -- contract is agreed upon, key people have been consulted about the choice and are in agreement, and Dear Husband is ready, willing, able -- and retired -- so he will get Cadi to her honeymoon.

WOW! Puppies in nine weeks (paws crossed and we hope)!!!!


  1. Ditto regarding your thoughts on breeding.
    Looking forward to the H Litter... in 9-weeks!
    Will you share who the groom is?

  2. Thank you for the response. My stud (Newf) has never been used. Have never felt the breeder, dam or pedigrees were right for my boy at this point. Perhaps I am too picky or perhaps most are not picky enough. Good luck with the breeding!! Can't wait to see who the lucky boy is!

  3. Dying of curiosity...Come on Mary-Ann who's your daddy...Good thing I think I'm I'm funny :)

  4. Barb -- you are super funny! I am afraid of jinxing things so Tuesday night -- pictures and name of the Puppy Daddy!

  5. OK Well I'll be hoping Cadi likes fresh fish as well as she did the cold kind :) So exciting.