Saturday, February 5, 2011

News from The Grump

Heidi, not known as the most subtle of people, sent me a variety of pictures to suggest I might want to find my sunshine again -- here are some examples of what she sent to me:

Okay, okay -- I get the hint!!!

You see, getting in a car accident on the first day of a busy semester was a really bad idea to begin with -- but to get hurt in the accident?! Well, my sunshine has left the building with the previously pain-free lower right side of my back :(

I am sure my excellent physical therapist and all her funny little exercises and the heating pad and so on will have me back to normal in no time at all, but anyone who knows me will attest to the fact that patience is not one of my finer virtues. And remember -- in two months from today we will be at the Specialty and you know that means that training should be in high gear -- not on a heating pad.

Luckily, the dogs that are going to the Specialty are already trained in their various events and it is just a matter of keeping them sharp. There is a three dog limit (isn't that a song?!) and so I am taking Halo, Asia, and Zoey -- and maybe Syd since she is small and no doubt could have sleepovers with friends who are under the three dog limit.

Halo will be entered in obedience (utility and open), agility, brace draft (with Asia), rally, maybe Brood Bitch (with CH Zoey and CH Zed), and maybe various veterans beauty pageant stuff. Halo already knows how to do all of those things so it is just a matter of practicing so I think we will be okay.

Asia will be entered in VST tracking, obedience, rally, brace draft (with Halo), and a beauty pageant class -- probably Versatility but not sure yet. Again, Asia is good at all of those things so we just need to practice.

Cute Zoey, who is currently losing all her beautiful coat, will be in draft, agility, rally, and maybe Best of Breed, depending on how bald she is at that time; she would also be the choice to do Brood Bitch, as I mentioned. Zoey was ready for draft in October but nicely decided to come in season instead, and she has been ready for agility for some time now. I have never actually trained her in rally but that is typical for me so it will be fine :)

And so I am not actually freaking out about the limitations on my training just yet, and I am hopeful that because I am actually doing everything my physical therapist tells me to do, we will be back to full training capacity in no time at all. However, I do admit that I have been whining and grumpy about all this -- but only because it is very annoying and my back hurts!!!

In other news, I picked up my van yesterday and it looks great, all the dogs are doing very well, and all the snow has melted! Mrs. Maize's shoulder mass has definitely gotten smaller, and she feels GREAT. She goes in for blood work on Monday and if that looks okay, she gets her second chemo pill on Tuesday.

This evening Mrs. Maize and Halo deVil, our Old Ladies, were napping together on the couch...

Karma was spreading good cheer about the house, and stopped to visit with Zoey...

Rumor has it that CH Zed Dawson's show photo has arrived so when it makes it's way over to Montana, I will post it so we can oohhhh and aaahhh over him together :)

I hope that you are having an excellent weekend -- remember to wear your seat belts!


  1. Ahahaha-cranky pants! ;-) You know, Syd could always come and stay w/me! PLEASE???
    Be patient, sister, or I will come over there and make you be patient, and no one but Syd would want that!
    Glad you got the van back and that it was good news and looks great! The dogs will be fine at specialty and there will be nothing to freak out about!
    Just get your bod healthy and change that tune!
    Oh, guess what pic I saw tonight?! And yes, it is beautimous!
    Stay healthy and cranky free! ;-)

  2. Love the Grumpy photos, especially the cookie one! Pain Sucks... if you could find a "good" massage therapist (one w/lots of education/training) that could help a lot..

    From someone who's been there ~ :)

  3. So sorry you are in pain. It sucks, and sucks energy and good cheer right out of a person. :( Keep at it, it will get better.

  4. The grumpy cookie is the best!! It is my screen saver!!! I know that you are too happy a person to be grumpy still....except the snow last night would make anyone a grumpy cookie!!!!

  5. Why is there a 3 dog limit? Is it a hotel rule? I know for the Newf National our hotel says you can only have 2 dogs per room but I'm not sure anyone obeys that rule.