Thursday, February 24, 2011

Solution-focused Self Therapy

At the risk of getting more grumpy faces from Heidi, I admit to still being without my sunshine. The car accident took out both my back and that sunny disposition I usually possess, and the endless Winter Wonderland is not helpful. I am even on House Arrest this week -- okay, really it is just "rest" but it feels like House Arrest...

The back got bad enough that I had to get a very loud MRI on Tuesday -- I suspect my poor doctor felt like she had to do something since I cried through the entire appointment on Tuesday morning! It hurts and I am discouraged -- bad combination! Anyway, I am still going to physical therapy, which helps, but if you see the magic wand I could really use it!!!

So, I decided to practice some therapy on myself -- and I asked myself what things I do when I am in a sunshine-y mood. After some grumbling, I generated a list of things that I could do given the limitations of back and weather.

So, first I put on some music -- that helped. Then I started some bagels -- I love making bagels and eating a fresh one when I take them out of the oven. And I love taking pictures so since my camera is dead, I found Dear Husband's (he is in Utah this week -- not helpful for my mood, as you can imagine) and I took some pictures. And I love sharing my pictures on the Blog -- so here is some of my therapy for you :)

I think Zoey is very photogenic -- I suspect it is all that white but she also just exudes joy and excitement...

Zoey thinks the camera means we are playing with the ball -- sigh... Here she is chasing it with Syd in hot pursuit...

I love this picture!!! Zoey, of course...

More Zoey with her ball...

I call this picture, "Ball Bliss"

This is Halo -- she is NOT photogenic so I appreciate the rare picture that she actually looks nice :)

Halo again...

Syd and Asia working on the pruning -- an endless job!

And I bet you will be happy to see the Chief of the Fun Police looking so well! Maize's shoulder mass is about 1/4 of the size it was and she feels very barky :)

Mrs. Maize again -- isn't she lovely?

In H Litter news -- Plan A is out because of DM status so working on Plan X, Y, and Z... Stay tuned!


  1. My heart goes out to you Mary Ann..constant pain is so..#+^ wearing. After your MRI is read, (and if injury is soft tissue damage) can the Dr. recommend someone for massage therapy? I found my gal thru word of mouth. I asked my Dr. for a prescription so I could have 2-sessions a week for 8-weeks. (that way insurance paid) a Its worth a try if you can find the "skilled" therapist.
    Is it okay to fill us in on plan X, Y and Z?

  2. Love the pictures! I find them very therapeutic, they always make me smile! And I am missing my crew. Hope rest helps your back and I second the massage therapy.

    Maize passed on so many of her expressions to Fiona, it is so much fun to look at her pictures and see them. My heart is happy that she is feeling good.