Sunday, January 30, 2011

Catch-up Post

We are working on an ad and Daniel asked for feet pictures -- not sure why but I took a few. The above is a Zoey paw and an Asia paw.

Here is a picture of Zoey nosing Asia's paw.

This is a catch-up post so let's start with the Mrs. -- she is fine -- seriously. No problems with her chemo, which is just a pill every three weeks. It gets shipped from a pharmacy in Arizona and they even sent a dog cookie for her -- how cute is that?! So no change in our Mrs. Maize -- obviously all the good thoughts/prayers are having an effect! See for yourself how well she looks...

A Big Shout Out to Marti and Purna Kenzie from the F litter -- Marti is showing Purna herself (in the beauty pageant) and Purna won Friday/Saturday to earn her first points! Think good thoughts for today because they are showing again :)

Ruben Hudson, appropriately from the Glitterati, had a photo shoot recently -- he is a model to help his moms live in the style to which they wish to be accustomed ;) I suspect he is going to have to work a little harder though -- dog models are not as well paid as other Top Models!

Car accident update -- the trouble with the kind of work I do/did is that I know well it could be worse and so that makes me feel guilty for complaining about the fact that I have a messed up back from the accident :( So I have a messed up back AND a guilty conscience! How annoying is that?! I start physical therapy tomorrow but yes -- this accident has been highly inconvenient.

Dogs -- including Montana Mac -- are getting trained but not in anything that involves twisting, bending, running, etc. I am highly pain tolerant (except for anything involving needles) and so am willing to suck it up and train through pain, but not if it will make it worse so I am waiting to discuss this with the physical therapist tomorrow. And how convenient is this?! We have a physical therapy school/clinic on campus where I work :)

The van is being repaired and I have a rental van, which I discovered somehow locks itself. Unfortunately, the key was in the rental van when I learned this important lesson on Friday when I needed to go to work. I asked myself if the week could get any worse but stopped, knowing the answer and not wanting to tempt fate.

And yes, the accident happened on the first day of my semester -- and you can probably imagine that the first week of a university semester is especially busy. And so I am slowly catching up on emails and etc. and starting to feel normal again, except for the back and guilty conscience.

But lots to be grateful for this week!!! The other driver, who was at fault, has great insurance (State Farm) and I am very impressed by the person from the company who is working with me. Mrs. Maize is thumbing her black nose at her cancer diagnosis. Zed finished his championship from the comfort of home, and Marti/Purna are having great success this weekend. Cadi is not in season yet -- that would have just added to the week's chaos. Dear Husband LOVES his new car -- and he and his car live here -- YEA! And so on :) :) Roses and thorns -- always a package deal :)

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