Tuesday, January 25, 2011

More on Cars (or less, as the case may be)

As Kim was happily driving his new car to Utah, I was driving to the bank when a very nice woman named Caroline did not stop at the stop sign and instead unfortunately drove in front of me.

Although I tried to avoid her, I was not expecting her arrival in the intersection (since she had a stop sign) and so we had occasion to meet. My van hit her truck, spinning her in a circle through the intersection -- luckily only smart people who wear seat belts were involved in the chance meeting at Oxford and Kent today.

Notice anything missing from my van??

My nice license plate looks a bit out of place now...

I have never been in a real accident and do not recommend them. First, it is scary and now I refuse to drive over 7 mph. Second, it is scary and now I feel traumatized and unsettled. Third, it is scary and I have some injury that requires that I -- for the first time in my life -- go to physical therapy and I have to take anti-inflammatories, which annoys me. Fourth, it is scary and I have to have a rental car, which is not conducive to my life with dogs. Fifth, it is very scary and is going to mess up my training schedule!!!!!!!! That is the worst!!!!!!!!

The good part is that nobody was walking on the sidewalk where her truck ended up and so on -- but before anyone reminds me it could have been worst, let me suggest it could definitely have been better!! And yes, I am grateful that it was not worse -- but my primary emotion at the moment is that I am very bummed that it happened at all and some joint I didn't know I had HURTS.

Sigh -- life is filled with unexpected adventures to help us be better people. I was pleased that as we were finishing with the police and so on, Caroline apologized for the tenth time and thanked me for being so nice, given that she had created a bit of a wreck, so to speak. Nobody intends to create wrecks in life (usually) and so what else is there to do but be gracious and understanding in hopes that when we are the inadvertently guilty party, someone will be decent to us?

However, might I end by suggesting that you always wear your seat belt and remember that stop signs are more than a mere suggestion :)

Oh -- and thanks to Lisa K. for not only being a good friend but also being a good friend in the insurance industry -- how handy is that?!


  1. Oh no - I am sooo sorry! Get the ice pack on that "unknown joint" asap.

    Thinking of you -

    Cindy H.

  2. Oh gosh, I may have said it could have been worse, and you know I meant that in a way that means this: you are still here and I am glad. So, if I did say that in our chats today, I am sorry, didn't mean it in an offensive way!
    Anyway, you know if you need anything, and have any questions about anything, call, text, email, blog, Facebook!
    And I AM glad that you will be ok. Cuz you will...