Wednesday, January 12, 2011

One Sick Chick

I know step-children do not always like their wicked step-mothers, but I never expected Jake/Cassie to be the ones to try and get rid of me!!!! However, it wasn't a poisoned apple they used but Mexican food -- and it almost worked...

On Monday night I went to dinner with Jake/Cassie and it wasn't too long before I realized something was wrong. We made it most of the way back to Montana with me not feeling well before it hit like a tidal wave and I was down/out -- as in barely conscious, fevered, delirious, thought I might be dying, and so on.

I could barely walk when we got home and Dear Husband put me to bed and there I stayed for 17 straight hours.

During the drive from Utah -- as I was feeling sicker -- I said to Dear Husband that I was going to have to ask someone to teach my agility class as it looked like I was getting worse and not better. I shared that I hated to ask because I didn't want to be perceived as a baby, and then I added, "...not that there is anything wrong with being a baby...", which made Dear Husband laugh for the next five minutes because even when poisoned and sick, I could not stop trying to be politically correct.

Anyway, please avoid food poisoning -- it is seriously not fun. And if you insist on getting it, make sure your Dear Partner is as good and attentive as mine was -- thanks Dear Husband...

Three things...

1. Thank you so much for sharing in my excitement about Zoey -- it really means so much when people take the time to write notes of congratulations because celebrations shared are really so much more fun :) So whether you celebrated with me privately or sent a note -- thank you!

2. Pictures -- Marti will be sending me some from Palm Springs (hint, hint, nudge, nudge) and I will be able to use Dear Husband's camera in the future so we should be back in photography-land in no time. Thanks Barb -- I will also clean my camera and make sure there is not something simple that is causing the issue.

3. I did not share that we were heading to Palm Springs but I will tell you that the next show is this weekend -- three days in Puyallup, Washington. However, it is a Supported Entry and the numbers are huge -- 36 girls on Saturday! Zoey and her littermate, Zed, each need one major win to finish their championship so we need good thoughts and lots of them. However, please hope Zoey finishes before Zed or Terri/Zed will taunt us...

Finally, the real sick chick is Maize -- this is not obvious as she acts perfectly fine but she does have cancer and is in the final part of her life's journey. This is not unexpected news and so we are more involved in planning for treatment options/palliative care than grieving at this point. And not one of us deserves to be mourned over while living -- and so Maize gets to experience our joy that she is here and not our sorrow that she will be leaving us...


  1. Glad you are back among the living! Can't wait to see the pics! (Marti!!! ;-))
    I love celebrating others! That's what it's all about!!!
    Thinkin about Maize, celebrating the life she has had, and will continue to have, until her time has come...
    Healthy, warm thoughts all around!

  2. Wow ~ you had some serious food poisoning. I'm surprised you didn't end up in the hospital. Glad to hear you were able to fight the grunge.

    I appreciate the way you are reminding us not to morn the living. You may have to remind me when our time comes.