Saturday, January 22, 2011

CH Air Zoey TD

With her championship done, CHZoey got back to work on agility -- we had an advanced skills class today and I thought you might enjoy seeing her progress. The first little bit is special for Elizabeth M. :)

Remember that Zoey has not started competing yet so she is still novice but I think she is coming along well -- I welcome your comments...

Hope you are having a most excellent weekend!


  1. Oh my gosh. I love her! She looks so happy!!

    We have been in deep discussion, my daughter and I, about whether we will have another Berner. My daughter is 15, and she is heartbroken over losing first Molly (terrible arthritis) and then Sam (hystiocitic sarcoma) and has asked to look at other breeds. But I'm afraid the only kind of dog that *is* a dog for me is a Berner. And reading about and seeing pictures of yours certainly contributes to that feeling.

  2. I love watching her levitate... She doesn't launch as much as she levitate!

  3. M-A, she looks very good, and so do you. Your timing is very good, and most noticeable on a threadle, as those can be challenging for a young dog. She looks confident and she is reading your body language very, very well. Which shows you how well you are at your timing w/her. I thought the team work came through as well. So big YAY for that! Tough course too, as it was tight and didn't allow any opening up, which can be demotivating, and I did not see her 'being' demotivated! Great job. Looking forward to seeing you 'live'!