Wednesday, January 26, 2011

The Importance of Math

I was checking show results from Portland and guess what?! Math matters!!! I counted 12 boys on the day Zed won -- but Terri thought there were only 11. I checked and checked again and again -- counted dogs and looked up the AKC Point Schedule.

Why does this matter? Because 12 dogs is a four point major and that is what Zed needed to finish his championship -- Terri thought he had a three point major and so needed one more point.

I demanded a recount (well, I suggested she check the show results :) and guess what?!

CH Kaibab'z Five Z's Zed

Wow -- a new champion and we didn't even have to leave home! Big congratulations to Terri and Zed, although she is depressed that she did not get an appropriate show picture -- now that is a tough problem to have ;)

Here are some baby pictures of our handsome new champion, Zed Dawson...

YEA!!! Isn't that great news and an entertaining story about how champions are made???


  1. Wow—congrats! We always knew Brother Zed was a champion, and I guess now the rest of the world (at least our doggie corner of it) will acknowledge that he is too. That’s great. It’s a bummer about not having the appropriate show picture, but maybe a fine portrait of that handsome boy would be a good substitute?

  2. Love this story. It will be one to remember. Terri, just get a prof pic done. I know some really great photog's!!!! And it will be fun and different!

  3. Apparently the photographer is going to photoshop "New Champion" in Zed's photo from Sunday! The miracle of technology :)

  4. Oh, well that is a cool way to do it!

  5. Yea Zed! Yea MA for checking, Terri would have been surprised when the Championship Award came in the mail!!!