Friday, June 26, 2009

DONE! Amen!

Much to my complete amazement, I am still alive! I survived both plane rides and the Metro -- and the marathon wedding with all associated drama.

It was a little tense in DC because for some unknown reason(s) the bride's mom appears to be the only person on earth who does not see how incredibly charming Kim and I are -- okay, so they could be others but they were not present and ignoring us. Consider that there were just six in our little DC party (bride, groom, parents) so having one pretend like two of the others simply did not exist -- well, a little tense, as I mentioned.

But the amazing thing is that -- for once -- Kim and I looked like the really excellent, nice parents who were being good sports no matter how lost we got, how hot we were, or how badly we were being ignored. Our reputation as the meanest parents ever has now officially been ruined!

I spent a lot of time considering how being polite is such a gift to everyone around us, and reflecting on how it is a conscious choice to be a good sport. And I was reminded how easy it is to allow the moods of others to control us -- but that is also a choice. Kim and I made the choice not to be taken down any dark, angry paths but rather to give Jake and Cassie the gift of peace :)

And so Kim and I enjoyed our family and our friends and celebrated the creation of a new family. Here are some pictures from the ring exchange ceremony in Utah yesterday.

Jake, Cassie, Kim and me.

Cassie finally got the ring on Jake's finger but I suspect he will never be able to get it off!

They had most excellent ring favors at the ceremony -- oops, I mean wedding gifts -- personalized water bottles! That is way better than a tin of mints!

Cassie's dad drove the newly married couple off in the BrideMobile.

And now the Montana branch of the family is back to life in the middle of that Robert Duncan painting that is our new life, and Jake and Cassie are in Hawaii starting their new life together. There is such hope and joy in beginnings -- today starts one for you as well so enjoy :)


  1. I do like that water bottle idea for wedding favors! Sounds like you had a good time!

  2. Actually, sounds like 'family'.

    Here's a cheer for all beginnings.

    Susan and Djinn