Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Reporting Live from DC

Greetings from Washington DC! Here is a summary of the past few days...

1. Today while waiting to go on a tour of the White House I saw Nick Jonas. If you are like me, you are probably not completely clear who that is but he is a famous teenager who happens to have Type 1 diabetes, which was the reason he was there.

The President was meeting with kids who live with that terrible disease -- there is a meeting of the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation in town. I found this very ironic -- my son, Galen, has had this type of diabetes (Type 1) for almost five years.

I bet Marti's girls will be impressed that I saw Nick Jonas and maybe Cali's daughter also -- nobody else probably cares :)

2. Kim and I were on the metro yesterday at the same time that the terrible metro crash happened; luckily we were on a different train. Nine people died -- very, very sad and scary.

3. Yesterday we visited Maya from the F litter (aka Darby) and her parents, Karen and Mike. Maya looks just like Asia (full sisters, different litters). It was great to see all of them and meet Cindy, who let us meet at her lovely home in King George, Virginia.

4. Tomorrow is the day that Cassie and Jake begin their two-day wedding; the ceremony is at 11 and then we will have a quick lunch and off to the airport so that we can get back to Utah for Part 2 on Thursday.

I thought you might enjoy some pictures...

Cassie and Jake waited in line for two hours starting at 6:30 a.m. to get us tickets to go to the top of the Washington Monument -- YIKES! It is HIGH! Here are a couple of pictures from the top -- in one you can see the White House and the other you can see the Lincoln Memorial.

The Monument from the ground...

We went to the National Cathedral -- here is a shot of the beautiful stained glass window.

And here is the outside view of the Cathedral.

And here are Jake and Cassie inside the Cathedral.

Kim and I.

Here is Maya -- isn't she lovely?

I think we have walked 100 miles in the past few days but it has been fun. Tomorrow is (GULP) the plane trip -- think good thoughts.

I hope you are enjoying a lovely week!


  1. Megan and Molly actually shreiked with excitement hearing that you saw Nick Jonas. :0 Where is the autograph?? I am so sorry to hear about the metro accident. I hope all goes smoothly tomorrow.


  2. Awesome photos, M-A! Hope you enjoyed your time in DC, and thank goodness you were on a different metro train that day!

    Hope parts 1 & 2 of the wedding went well . . . looking forward to seeing some photos and hearing about the events!

    Liz, Sam, Kiko, & Tara

    ps. If you're in SLC this weekend and have some time, we'd love to get together again for puppy play time (or maybe next time you come back).