Thursday, June 11, 2009

Zoey's Response

Here is Zoey's suggestion for a picture:

I told her that she really does not have big ears or light eyes but is just so beautiful that we are trying to find the perfect look!

I have decided to send two pictures (#1 and #2) from the original set and the flower picture to the guy designing the ad and let him make the choice since none of us seem capable (and Zoey's suggestion is not appropriate!). I will share our concern that the flower picture seems to make her eyes look lighter than they are, and let him know that the #1 picture got the most votes. We can all be surprised together at what he decides!

If you did not check out the baby bear pictures at Lynne's blog you definitely need to do that as they are adorable!!

Let's all refrain from sticking our tongues out today -- unless someone really deserves it! If caught, you can say what my daughter did when she was little and I caught her sticking her tongue out at me, "I'm a snake" ;)


  1. I think MY favorite was the one a few days back where she was playing with the fetch toy and had her butt up in the air with a beautiful wave to her tail -- showed off how gorgeous her coat is! ;-) Was only too bad you couldn't see her face!

  2. Glad you liked the bears M-A. I think they are wonderful creatures. I would never have dreamed of having bears in my yard and actually liking it!

    It will be interesting to see what photo he chooses. I used to design ads for several people for the Alpenhorn years ago ... too bad I gave up my membership when we moved to NJ so I won't see the final product. I'd be interested to see what he does.

    I am indeed sticking my tongue out today—to our damp, drizzly, drippy, dreary, dreadfully unlike summer weather. (was that enough d's?)