Saturday, June 13, 2009

Summer Evening and Plane Scared

Montana is really an amazing place. We live in a valley called the Bitterroot, and there are mountains on two sides of us. A river runs through the middle of the valley, and really -- it is just incredibly lovely.

I am enjoying my last Saturday here for a couple of weeks. Next Saturday at this time I hope to be safely landed in Washington DC where we are going for Part 1 of the Jake/Cassie wedding. I H-A-T-E to fly and have felt dread about it for weeks -- sigh. But what can I do?? I am resigned to my fate, whatever that is -- if only I drank...

So we (hopefully) arrive in DC on Saturday with Jake, Cassie and her parents. The first ceremony is on Wednesday and then we hop back in another one of those @#$% airplanes and go back to Utah (I hope and pray) where Thursday includes a wedding breakfast for immediate family, another ceremony, and a very large reception (thank goodness we have the groom!). The Montana branch of the family (Galen, dogs, cats, and me) will then come back up to this beautiful valley.

Do you have any recommendations for "must see/do" in DC? I would love to hear them!

In the meantime, here are some pictures from our relaxing Saturday in Montana where our feet on firmly on the (lovely) ground...

This is Asia working on her gardening.

Seriously -- how cute is this puppy?! This is, of course, Sydney, doing what she does best -- looking adorable.

Here is my Bernese Mountain Retriever, Zoey -- look at how happy she is to be playing fetch with her ball!

Zoey wants to know if you still think she has big ears?

Or light eyes?

I hope you are enjoying a lovely June weekend, free of airplanes and other scary things.


  1. Since you don't drink - I suggest lots of rescue remedy for the plane trip, buy the spray for under your tongue AND the cream for your wrists and you will be relaxed in no time!
    We'll be thinking of you!!!!!

    Cindy H.

  2. Fly Continental (they don't have any Airbuses!) and you'll be fine. I know, I hate to fly too. I used to love it and at one time did quite a lot of flying to and fro. Not any more.

    Yes, my Rescue Remedy helps me a great deal and I always use it when flying. Great advice from Cindy H.

  3. In D.C. pick one part of the Smithsonian museum system that interests you. The Vietnam War Memorial is worth some time also. Good public transit last time I was there. On the plane lots of big slow breaths while visualizing your kitchen window view and lots of dogs playing. You should be able to come up with lots of details!

  4. A wedding breakfast - I LOVE IT! Such a Utah thing and I haven't heard the term since I left SLC nearly a decade ago.


  5. In D.C. I love the National Museum of the American Indian, and the Hirschhorn Gallery (especially the outdoor sculpture gallery). But really even just strolling the mall from the capitol to the Lincoln Memorial - just breathtaking. Oh, also the new WWII memorial, wow!! I know you hate flying, and I know it will all be stressful, and it will probably be hot and humid, but I hope you have fun anyway! I used to go to DC every other June when I worked at the homeless clinic, and I miss that.

  6. I feel for you - I hate to fly too! I've had to take xanax a couple times for longer flights - LOL! Your dog is beautiful! We pick up our Berner puppy at the end of the month. :)