Thursday, June 4, 2009

Got Glitter?

I had a request for Glitterati pictures and just happened to have received some recently so thought I would share. Let's review the litter names and who/where they are now:

Sydney - Sydney (with us)
Geneva - Tara (moving from Illinois to Utah soon with Liz, Sam & the mobile pug)
Ireland - Mika (California girl with John & Kristine & Grandma Cindy & Grandpa Vic)
Jamaica - Zaida (Colorado with Barb & Keith)

Hudson - Ruben (Arizona with Kay & Sue)
Toronto - Rainey (Utah with Joan & Pradip)
Sutton - Murphy (Montana with Gail & I apologize but I am blanking on the very nice Mr. Gail's name)
Whitby - Cooper (Oregon with Jennifer & Ralph)

These pups are now six months old -- can you believe it?! Some are of the faster maturing version and others -- like Sydney and Ruben -- do not resemble the stocky puppies they were at eight weeks, but they will!

We have had a couple of health issues -- Murphy had surgery for entropian, Rainey has had a limp that does not appear to be an elbow but may be OCD -- he is on rest to see if that helps. As we all know, Cooper had surgery for a foreign body. On the positive side, the litter has exceptionally good temperaments :)

It is very hard when puppies are not perfect -- another reason that breeding these dogs is just not as easy as it might seem. There is just a sinking feeling when you get the word that there is something not right, and you just wonder if there was something that was missed or something that should have been done differently. Since I made the choice to create these lives, I feel personally responsible for each of them -- and therefore issues that come up feel like a personal failure.

But perfection does not exist on this earth and so all we can do is our best -- right? The lack of perfection is not an excuse to stop trying, but rather to re-double our efforts to do the right things, but still bad stuff will and does happen -- sigh. Well, even though not really perfect I still think they are, and certainly you will agree that these are adorable baby berners...

Here is Ruben, our litter Rock Star -- growing into a tall, skinny puppy before he fills out to become that stunning dog we know he will be.

Here is Mika on her favorite (expensive) chair -- only the best for our babies!

And here is Cooper enjoying the Oregon summer.

And yes, we have internet again and slowly we are unpacking and creating a new normal. When I look out the window towards the west I think to myself, "I am living in a Robert Duncan painting"!

I hope your life is also a work of art :)

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