Friday, November 27, 2009

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I hope your Thanksgiving was good one, and that nobody exploded from excess of anything except good will and gratitude! We had a very nice day, even though Dear Husband had to work. I would be just fine having cereal on Thanksgiving -- I have never baked a turkey in my life! But traditions are good and so we all did the usual, which is to go over to my wonderful brother/sister in-laws' house.

Kim's brother and his wife have nine kids, including two sets of twins, and now the nine kids are multiplying and so it is quite the family event -- luckily they have a big house! They are the nicest people, and we always have a lot of fun so it was good to see them. I left early to take Kim a plate of food so that he at least got to participate a little :)

But before that I spent the day baking fun desserts, which made me very popular with all the family. I also took Zoey and Sydney over to our usual park to have a playdate with Syd's littermates, Tara and Rainey. Poor Rainey -- the only way he gets his picture in the Blog is if I travel all the way to Utah to take it ;)

Rainey wasted no time at all letting Tara know who was Top Dog!

Kiko, the surrounded pug, made an appearance and the puppies thought he was quite interesting.

Here is Rainey again. Unfortunately, Rainey had an elbow chip that had to be removed and so he has a shaved leg and still has a limp :(

However, that did not slow Rainey down -- he took on the very fast and athletic Zoey

More Zoey and Rainey

Rainey and Tara must have seen the celebrating picture from the Turkey Bowl and were trying to figure out how Tanner and his friend did that...


Sydney and Tara are twins -- you had to look close to tell which was which

And here is Rainey's mom, Joan, with her other dog, Bella (Halo's littermate)

A look at our puppy play date

Finally, Rainey and Kiko did some male bonding

I certainly hope you are not doing anything dangerous today - like shopping!!! Perish the thought!!!!!

Have a happy day!

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