Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Thanksgiving Travels

We have this traveling to/from Utah down to an art! We left Montana and stopped at the usual dog stop in The Middle of No Where, Idaho. It is much easier to just let the dogs run free for a bit then to stop and walk everyone on leash, and so we head off the highway, across a cattle guard, and down the dirt road for a ways and we have our own personal dog park that is both safe and extremely spacious.

Here is Sydney enjoying the chance to stretch her one-year old legs...

And here is a picture of all four of my BMDCA Versatility Dogs :) Mother-daughter Maize and Cadi on one side, and mother-daughter Halo and Asia on the other!

We are planning some puppy fun while we are here -- check back in a couple of days for pictures and in the meantime, have a lovely and grateful Thanksgiving!

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