Thursday, November 5, 2009

Morning Candids

Zoey is a very unusual berner. There is, of course, that whole Air Zoey thing and her insatiable desire to play fetch and how much she likes to swim and her energy level, which is a bit over the top -- I love her for all these things but yes, she is not the most berner-like berner I know. Here is one of her other quirky things -- she thinks the grooming table is her personal perch. She likes to just hang out on it, take naps on it, and even chew her toys on it, as you can see in this picture...

This is a totally candid shot -- I looked over and there was Zoey -- as usual -- with Asia on the "bottom bunk" and Syd just posing...

Syd wanted these pictures up for her special friend so that Lisa can admire how very cute Sydney is...

I hope someone thinks you are very cute :) Have a great day!


  1. Of all your wonderful dogs, I most love hearing about Zoey. Our Zoey passed away in 2002, so it's wonderful to hear about the full-of-life antics of a new Zoey... You do know the definition of "Zoey" is "life," right? When our Zoey understood retrieving, forever after she had to hold something on the second-half, return-trip of a walk... So, if I didn't go to a store and acquire something for her to carry, then at the half-way point, we would stop, I would unhook her leash and then I would hold the hook end and she would hold the loop end, leading me gently but firmly and directly all the way home.

  2. Thank you for your comment :) I do know that Zoey means life and she is certainly full of it -- I guess she has to have enough for two Zoey's. The ones that leave us always find ways to remain present I think...

    Zoey got her name in Idaho at a gas station. I was driving home from Utah trying to decide what to name her. I stopped at a gas station and heard a little boy yell, "Zoey" and I knew instantly that I had received her name.

    As I continued the drive to Montana, I called Elizabethanne to help with the registered name (she is especially talented at such things) and she found that Zoey can also mean "forever" and so Zoey became Forever Bright (since Halo is Bright Angel, after a special place in the Grand Canyon).

    So I cannot take credit for the name -- only paying attention and learning what her name was supposed to be :)

  3. Our Zoey was named for the character in a British comedy called May to December... Even though our first two were always supposed to be "Tycho and Ptolemy," the "Ptolemy" had to wait because "Zoey" couldn't! (Luckily, I didn't look up how THEY spelled it, and just spelled it the way I thought it should be spelled!)