Sunday, November 22, 2009

Happy First Birthday Glitterati! (Revised!)

At the risk of slighting the F Litter, who did not get birthday pictures posted, today we have recent pictures of the Glitterati in honor of their first birthday. My ability to post a Blog is directly related to what else is going on, and this weekend just happens to be at home and easy -- hence a birthday blog! We will feature the F Litter in holiday photos -- how's that?

Okay, let's see how those puppies are growing! We start with Murphy (Sutton) who lives in Montana with his devoted parents, Gail and Tom. As is true for the entire litter, Murphy is a happy and friendly puppy.

Mika (Ireland), the Birthday Queen, lives in California with John and Kristine, and a wonderful extended berner family. Her mom has made birthday cupcakes for her and her cousins. I can verify -- having seen Mika this fall -- that she is a whirlwind of happy, friendly energy!

This is also Mika, working on her tricks.

The Rock Star is still very handsome even though he joins his siblings in that gawky adolescent stage. Ruben (Hudson) lives the Life of Riley (figuratively and literally, since he lives with Uncle Riley ;) in Phoenix with Kay and Sue. They report that he is 26 inches tall, 87 pounds, and loves everyone he meets.

Ruben in profile.

Cooper (Whitby) lives in eastern Oregon with Jennifer, Ralph and their crew of kids. Happy and friendly, Cooper is about 90 pounds of fun. I will get to see Cooper in January as Jennifer and I are going to a show together :) Here are a couple of pictures of cute Cooper...

Cute Tara (Geneva) lives in Salt Lake City with Liz, Sam and her varied emotion pug brother. She is also a sweet, happy puppy who loves everyone -- thanks to our friend, Nikki Roberts, for helping Sam and Liz with Tara's training :)

Zaida's mom is also having fun celebrating a birthday -- Double Happy Birthday!!!! Zaida (Jamaica) lives in the mountains of Colorado with Barb and Keith. She weighs 75 pounds and also has the happy wiggle gene!

And now we have the other Birthday Queen -- Sydney. She is about 69 pounds, 23.5 inches, quite without coat at the moment, and a bundle of friendly, happy energy :)

Poor Rainey (Toronto) is not yet included in our birthday blog but I am sure we will see pictures of Rainey very soon! Likely his family is too busy celebrating to send pictures :)

Happy Birthday to our cute, happy, friendly Glitterati babies!

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  1. Catching up on kaibab blog, enjoying the birthday and snow pics of beautiful berners - with my beautiful berner mostly in my lap, a cat on my shoulder, my other dog and cat close - dreaming of glittering snow to come...maybe I am an easy keeper or need a life, but life is good.
    Does Jamaica/Zaida still have plenty to say? :)
    So glad your adventure on the 13th ended safely.