Thursday, November 26, 2009

Turkey Bowl

This morning the boys organized the annual Turkey Bowl, and I went over as the official photographer. In what is no doubt a test, I was asked to put pictures on the Blog -- no doubt they are checking to see if I loved them as much as the dogs :)

Well boys (and Cassie) -- here you go!

Matching uniforms did not seem to be required so I am not sure how they could tell who was on what team but they seemed to have a system -- here is Jake, one of ours.

And home after two years in the Washington DC area, here is one of our younger boys, Tanner.

So this is what a huddle looked like...

And here is the opposing team all lined up and ready for action (!)

There were some excellent displays of skills -- and no doubt a bunch of sore people tomorrow!

Galen is wondering what kind of dance Jake is doing...

Another great catch -- and the young woman was more surprised than anyone!

Jake and Tanner mixing it up

And all that watching Sydney chasing Zoey came in handy -- Galen knew just want to do when someone else went running by with the ball!

Here is a team picture of Team One

Team Two

Jake with his fancy helmet

Tanner and Jake

Galen making a great catch of his own!

Tanner and his friend celebrating who knows what :)

Galen, the left-handed quarterback

Jake's wife, Cassie

The girls think the human kids are a little whacky and wanted you to see what a real Turkey Bowl looks like...

There you go, boys - now the baking is behind schedule!

Happy Thanksgiving!

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  1. Just Great!I'm sure the turkey was the more appreciated after all that running around. (At least, I assume the turkey was AFTER -- no onoe could move that way after dinner!

    Susan and Djinn