Wednesday, May 27, 2009


Not only do we now have internet at the new house but it is FAST! Ahhhh...the joys of civilization!

Kim came up for my birthday on Sunday and yesterday (Tuesday) I rode back to Utah with him to attend a wedding shower for Jake and Cassie last night. We loaded yet another U-Haul with stuff and I drove that back today so I was down and back in 36 hours!

Before I left Utah this morning I got to visit with Joan, Rainey and Bella. Rainey is one of the Glitterati (aka Toronto) and is about twice as big as Sydney! He has very curly hair right now and is as sweet as can be :) He had fun chewing on this slipper.

Bella is Halo's littermate and she loves to come and visit -- it was great to see her as well. This is Bella, no doubt wondering when her neck accessory (Rainey) will once again be attached!

And here is Halo -- red eye and all!

With the addition of fast internet, this house becomes even more perfect. I hope you are having a perfect day and planning a perfect trip to Camp Montana!

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