Friday, May 1, 2009

Fun Friday

Today was Zoey's last class, and there were 28 lovely puppies that showed in the class (6 - 9 months). Our little Zoey Rosebud was third in this huge class!!! What a great first Specialty Zoey has had -- a TD on Monday and placements in all three beauty pageant classes. This is a REALLY Big Deal -- a seven month old getting a TD is an accomplishment but to also get placements from three different judges in every class she entered at a National Specialty -- WOW! We are SO proud of her :) :)

To celebrate, Zoey and Asia went with me to see my oldest son who lives on the Oregon coast. Here is Zoey showing off one of her best strengths -- a lovely trot. One of the many people who came to congratulate me said about Zoey, "she doesn't put a foot down wrong..."

And here is Zoey on the beach -- it was such a lovely day there!

While Zoey jumped from the waves, Asia dived right in...

While we were gone, Molly (age 13) showed Fiona and they were third in their class so a nice showing today! Tomorrow is the Grand Finale -- Best of Breed! Asia will be in that class -- after we get all the sand out of her :)

I hope you are having a fun Friday also and looking forward to a great weekend.

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  1. Good luck with the sand removal, and in the ring tomorrow!!!