Monday, May 11, 2009

Lost: Equilibrium

You probably think I have fallen off the earth -- but no, I am still on that Montana mountain side. Does anyone else thrive on routine, and struggle when that is disrupted?!

Last Monday Kim attempted to drive back to Utah after our trip to Portland -- he made it as far as Missoula (25 miles) and the engine completely went -- as in, the engine is shot/ruined/dead. Recall that this car had been tampered with before he left Utah -- I do not think we will ever know what really happened but we want the car destroyed because we no longer believe it is safe, even if it had a new engine.

So Kim stayed in Montana a few more days, and I drove him down to Utah on Friday and came back up to Montana on Sunday. We are working with the oil change company (where the tampering happened) to find a good solution, but the whole thing is rather disruptive. It messes with your head to think too hard about the fact that somebody was trying to kill your husband...

Actually, it feels like the last three weeks have been one big disruption and I am working to find my equilibrium again. The new house closing got delayed until the 20th and so I remain on pins and needles about that, and so on -- cookie dough sounds REALLY good!

But on the bright side (and there always is a bright side, even if it is hard to find), spring is here and so are the wildflowers. I took some pictures tonight of the girls enjoying the mountain side -- I hope you like them...

Here is our matriarch -- Mrs. Maize. She will be nine years old in July.

And here she is again with her daughter, Cadi-Bug. Cadi ran her first track today since her surgery almost three weeks ago -- she was very, very happy to be back to work.

Here is Halo -- ungroomed but still cute :)

This is Halo's daughter, Asia. Isn't she pretty -- and BIG?!

Zoey and Sydney had a good time playing and running and generally acting out some serious Spring Fever.

Here are a couple of just Sydney -- she is definitely in the Super Model stage (tall, thin, long legs).

And here is Sydney cuddled up with her grandma Maize.

I am diligently tracking with Sydney -- here is a picture of us tracking today in Missoula.

So classes are done and I am grading and giving finals, and trying to find that lost equilibrium and not stress too much about being homeless in two weeks when my lease runs out. Let's all hope that we close on schedule with the new house, and that all soon feels right with the universe. The wildflowers are such good reminders about what follows the long, dark winter -- I am ready for some serious wildflowers -- how about you?!

Thanks for checking in and I hope all is well with you and yours. If you see my equilibrium, please send it back!

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  1. I have being missing you and the dog pictures. Grades and finals mean summer is coming. Are you teaching this summer. Will you be in Salt Lake City soon?