Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Poor Purna!!!

Many dogs who were at the Specialty have come down with some kind of respiratory crud, and Purna (from the F Litter) got hit last night -- bad. She collapsed at home this morning and spent the day at the vet with pneumonia. She has been allowed to come home for the night -- here is a picture that Marti sent of Purna in her home-hospital-jail.

And I wanted to share something Galen said -- he is madly in love with Sydney, who he thinks is the most perfect puppy ever. When he makes his smoothies, he gives her a strawberry and she has this gig all figured out. I protested that it was not fair to just give one to her and his response was that it was his version of Darwinism -- survival of the cutest.

Since you have survived, I guess you must be pretty cute also ;)

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  1. Boy, Marti and the girls have had a rough road recently (as well as quite a few triumphs). Hope Purna bounces back really quickly and can be let out of 'jail'.