Tuesday, May 26, 2009

More Pictures

This is Galen on the back deck of the house.

And this is what we look at from our kitchen window and driveway! Our property ends at that split rail fence and the pasture next to us is home to ten steers.

Just a cute picture of Zoey...

And this is behind one of our two garages.

So when can we expect you?!


  1. More pictures please. I can't come up in the near future (unless I just run away!) but it is nice to look at the pictures and dream!

  2. When Marti "runs away" she can stop and pick me up too!!!!!

  3. How's tomorrow sound? ;-)
    Lisa Kaufman
    Formerly of Great Falls, Bozeman and Helena MT
    Now Seattle, WA

  4. Sure, when we came to visit you in Missoula, did you have a "perfect" house? NO you had one that was not accesible via an RV! :)

    Kris Osojnicki