Thursday, September 23, 2010

The F Word

You will not believe what is happening here!!!!!!! FUN!!!!!! Cooper Whitby (Glitterati) is visiting for a show -- see for yourself what is happening:

Do you see any of Air Zoey's feet on the ground?!

Getting ready...

Yes, in the air again -- this would be the dog I am going to attach to a cart -- sigh...

Thankfully the Chief of the Fun Police was on Duty...

...and got the Wild Ones under control at last (Zoey and Cooper Whitby)

Go ahead and have some fun of your own -- but don't let Maize hear about it!!!


  1. Fiona is so like her mother! :) She talks more than Maizie though! Have a fun weekend!

  2. Congrats to all! I just love the narrative you weave into the photos to tell a story... like the story of Maize as the 'fun police,' or Karma the cat as the house gossip! These stories always make me smile and laugh.

    Also, it's amazing that every time I see a photo of Cadi I have to do a double take before I realize it's not actually a photo of Tara. :)