Sunday, September 26, 2010

Fun Weekend!

Here are the highlights and etc.

Jennifer and Cooper Whitby came from Oregon to show in Helena -- we drove back/forth each day due to dog sitting issues and wanting to be cheap. However, neither of us is likely to want to drive anyplace else for a while -- it was well over two hours each way!

Syd showed three days -- she is not in coat so I knew it was not going to be great and it wasn't -- all she got was one reserve. However, she was declared by a fan as the happiest dog at the show :)

Cooper Whitby showed all four days and won twice. His mom is showing him and doing a great job -- it is way harder than it looks and Jennifer did extremely well! Here are some photos of Cooper Whitby:

I showed Cadi one day in Best of Breed (aka "as a Special"). She took Best of Breed and then made the final six in Group -- that is HUGE. Yes indeed -- my working dogs are also lovely and here is proof:

Today I showed Halo for the first time in Open B and Utility B -- we made one tiny mistake in each class but it was a great performance, especially for a dog who has not shown in Open for 2.5 years (i.e., no group stays in all that time :). In fact, it was good enough that we will need to do it again when the opportunities present!

Cooper, Cadi, and Syd all had eye exams as well and passed -- so just an all around good and fun few days!

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