Friday, September 17, 2010

The Importance of Faith

All of us cheered her on when she was a tiny puppy, no bigger than a stick of butter. And we watched anxiously to make sure she was "normal" and when it was time, her forever home arrived in the form of Julie from Park City, Utah. I wanted to update you on how our faith in Faith has turned out...

Julie recently adopted a former puppy mill dog and she credits Faith for helping him emerge from his puppy mill induced shell -- she shares, "You can still see the fear and insecurity in Gus' eyes. But, each day he gets a little better. . .a little more comfortable."

And recently Faith embarked on a mission to help Gus learn how to be a dog! Julie shares, "When I arrived home after a date on Wednesday, this is what I found. ALL I could do was laugh. It's Friday and Faith still has feathers in her fur. They're all but impossible to get up as the vacuum blows them into the air creating a fun game for the cats."

Julie continues, "while the rest of her siblings are out winning titles and championships, my little girl is home teaching Gus how to be a dog.

I really believe that every single spirit from "our" litter has something big and special to do in this lifetime. Faith bounds through my house giving more love than I've ever seen. She's still a lap dog and wants to be close at all times. Each day she reminds me to find the joy and excitement in the little things.

With her little brother, Gus, she is patient. She lets him step over her to settle in behind her tail. He feels safe there. She reaches out with her paw that is so much bigger than him to get him to play . . . she nibbles playfully at his legs. . .he so loves her.

The truth is, Gus wouldn't have made it without Faith. He needs her to show him how to trust."

Faith matters.


  1. Ok, I think I need to stop reading the blog at work. As I have now cried off all of my make-up! Thanks for sharing and I love the pics!

  2. What a beautiful update on Faith! I think of her often and wonder how she's doing... so glad y'all shared these updates and photos.