Thursday, September 30, 2010

Tracking Certified!

As I have mentioned before, entering a Tracking Dog test requires that a dog pass a regulation track (i.e., identical to an actual test) under the watchful eye of one judge (a "real" test is two judges); the judge then "certifies" that the dog is ready to enter a test.

We are proud of Barb and Maddie Madison (F Litter) who recently attended a nine day (!) tracking camp and got certified easily -- Baby Sister Maddie clearly has the family tracking genes and good job to Barb for learning how to handle this powerhouse tracker!!!! Here is a picture of the happy event:

I would not mind nine days of tracking but with a bunch of people?! No thanks! Group tracking is not my thing at all -- but it clearly worked for them so YEA!

Maddie's littermate, Peaches Sula, recently got certified for a new dog sport called Nosework -- it involves finding designated scent, much like how a drug dog finds contraband. Apparently the F Litter likes to sniff -- we know Karen and Maya Darby are also doing good tracking work back east :) Great work Sniffers!


  1. After 4+ months of not practicing any tracking with Peaches so we could concentrate on Nose Work, I took her out tracking today and she did fabulous on the short easy tracks we laid for her. They were aged about 30 minutes, she had her head down and was very focused. I was so happy to see she had not forgotten what tracking was all about.

    I've gathered a group of trackers here in Portland and set up a bunch of practice dates, so hopefully we'll really get going this fall.

    Terri and Peaches