Saturday, September 18, 2010

From an Informant

Karma and Cadi had a conversation -- it went like this:

Karma: You are my new BFF!
Cadi: I thought Asia was your BFF??
Karma: No, I am not speaking to Asia ever again.
Cadi: Don't you read the Blog? It is not good to hold grudges.
Karma: She who will never be named was mean to me.
Cadi: She called you a cat...and, well...
Karma: She said it in a mean way and so I am done with her! Anyway, did you hear about Montana Mac?

Cadi: Well yes, but I just assumed that it was on the dollar menu at that place we stop before tracking. I figure a Montana Mac probably has a double elk patty, two strips of moose, secret huckleberry sauce, and is wrapped up in deer hide -- I am hoping to find one at the end of my track next time...
Karma: I thought you were a genius?! Montana Mac is one of you! A big, furry dog -- he better not chase me like Zoey does!
Cadi: What?! How disappointing! I was looking forward to elk -- now all I will probably find is a stupid sausage McMuffin - boring.
Karma: Pay attention! I am trying to tell you about Montana Mac!!!! George told me...
Cadi: GEORGE!!!!???? The one you were plotting to kill and eat under the deck?
Karma: I was not.
Cadi: Well, Asia said...
Karma: Do not mention that name to me again -- do you want to hear what George said or not?
Cadi: Fine -- but how does George know about Montana Mac?
Karma: Gorge is very curious -- and has big ears -- an excellent combination in an Informant.

Karma: So anyway, George says that Montana Mac is a boy version of you. He says that Montana Mac is kind of fancy.
Cadi: What do you mean "fancy"? I am not sure I would like a boy who was fancy...
Karma: George says he is Grand Champagne....
Cadi: What?!
Karma: Let me finish please!! So he is a Grand Staircase and he got an Award of Mister at Westmerit -- doesn't that sound fancy and important?
Cadi: What is an Award of Mister?!
Karma: How am I suppose to know???!!! I am just telling you what George said so let me finish. George also said that he heard that Montana Mac has lots of placemats - in groups!
Cadi: Why does he need groups of placemats????
Karma: Maybe he is messy -- how should I know?!
Cadi: Are you sure about all this? Is George reliable? He seems a little flighty to me...
Karma: Okay yes, he would fling himself in front of a truck given the opportunity but he is curious and does have big ears.
Cadi: Well, I still wish Montana Mac was something we could get at that dollar place...


  1. Very funny! I chuckled throughout the whole commentary! I can't wait to hear more!

  2. Just Cracked Me Up! Are You Sure You Are Not A Creative Writing Professor? :D

    What Have I Missed? Tell Me More About Montana Mac Please...

    Marianne & Mieke
    Cave Creek, AZ