Saturday, September 4, 2010

The Power of Lucky Socks

This morning I looked at my arsenal of Lucky Socks and decided to go with the most consistently powerful socks in the drawer -- the Lucky Hanukkah Socks. Even though they are developing a small hole, did not match at all, and in spite of the facts that it is not Hanukkah and I am not Jewish -- on went the socks and the special pink and gray obedience shoes.

I woke poor, tired Dear Husband up at 5:30 a.m. by singing an out of tune "Rise and Shine" song, and at 6:10 we were on our way to Great Falls, Montana with Halo and Asia (who was along because she cannot bear to be apart from me).

Three hours later we arrived at the Expo Center where Abra finished her championship and where Maize got her second Utility leg. Halo was wearing the special lucky collar -- the one I bought for Abra after she was High in Trial at the 2001 National Specialty. So armed with the Lucky Hanukkah Socks and the Legacy Collar -- well, what did we expect???!!!

It is with considerable amazement and a lot of pride that I share that our Halo deVil finished her UD today! Yes indeed, friends, in just five tries Halo earned that very, very challenging obedience title! Earning the title is amazing but to do it so easily -- well, shockingly amazing!!!

Here are a couple of pictures of CH Kaibab's Bright Angel, UD, TD, NA, NAP, NJP, RA, DD, BDD, CGC :)

Buttons bursting a bit :)


  1. Forgot to add -- Halo had a bath yesterday, of course, because you know the motto: Look Good, Feel Good, Do Good!!!

  2. And the motto works! YAYAYAYAY!!!!!

  3. Way to go Momma Halo! (And way to go, OM Mary-Ann, who we are sure had more than a little to do with this success.)
    Congratulations all around, and we hope that Momma Halo got to celebrate with something tasty...
    Barb & Maddie

  4. That is awesome news, congrats Halo!