Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Montana Mysteries and Adventures

Karma and Sydney had a conversation -- it went like this:

Karma: You are my Best BFF.
Syd: I thought Cadi was your BFF?
Karma: No, she insulted George, my BDFF (Best Deer Friend Forever).
Syd: What did she say about George?
Karma: That he was flighty and not a good Informant -- it hurt George's feelings so I cannot be BFF with Cadi anymore -- so you are my new and real BFF.
Syd: Well, I would never insult George but I did hear that maybe he misunderstood some of his information -- not on purpose but likely just because he was too far away for his big ears to really catch everything.
Karma: Really? Like what?
Syd: Montana Mac is not coming forever -- just until Spring or so, and he is coming to learn how to do all the fun things we do -- tracking, obedience, agility, draft and so on.
Karma: I do not think any of that is fun! And how is my Servant going to have time for that?
Syd: Your Servant?!
Karma: You know, the one who is my personal Chef and Chambermaid -- the tall one who never sits down.
Syd: Oh -- that one. She will just add Montana Mac to the training schedule -- she is very excited about it.

Karma: Well, I do not know where we will keep all his stupid placemats!!!!! Or his Award of Mister!!!!
Syd: He is leaving those at his house -- he lives in The White House or something like that. And his mom is very nice and had her swimming pool built special for dogs -- Zoey is visiting her next month when they pick up Montana Mac and will report back.
Karma: Well, George thinks Montana Mac is a nerd because he is a math expert.
Syd: What??? A math expert?!
Karma: That's right -- George said that he heard something about Montana Mac and multiplication.
Syd: Well that is very odd -- I wonder what that means????

Karma: Since you are being so nice I am going to tell you another secret but you have to promise not to tell anyone!!!
Syd: I promise!!!
Karma: I heard that Galen, Head Puppy Nanny, is done knitting his wild wheat -- or something like that -- and is coming back to go to that place where my servant works at her second job -- you know, that universe place.
Syd: GALEN?! One of my most favorite people (with Lisa, of course) in the whole wide university?! That Galen??????
Karma: Yup - that one.
Syd: You are my BFF, Karma -- until Galen gets here, that is...

Zoey is anxious to get going on her big trip -- she thinks it will be fun to be with her mom and dad all by herself, and to meet Montana Mac and his mom in The White House, and to see fall colors in New England and to be in her first ever draft test. In the meantime, she sends a Happy Birthday greeting to her friend, Elizabeth!!!

Let's all have a fantastic day!!!!


  1. Thank you, Zoey! I can't wait to see you carting — to hear your mom tell it, you're practicing to be one of Santa's dogs, like in the book, "Before Santa Was Santa," and fly his sleigh! Have fun on your big trip!

  2. Galen is coming back and will be with MY dog?! What??!! Syd had better be coming to see me in November to make up for being a traitor!!! So hurt!!! Syd, remember who loves ya!