Sunday, October 10, 2010

Best Laid Plans

Me and Zoey from my phone on a happier day...

I have not yet been able to speak this -- I arrived home from Helena yesterday to find Zoey in season :( No draft test, no trip for her :(

I know there are worse things but right now this one is a very big disappointment. We will not take any dogs on this trip and cut it short by a couple of days. Montana Mac will not have the company of a lovely girl on his ride west -- only boring us...

And now I know what Syd was telling Karma:

Syd: Don't tell anyone but I devised a plan!
Karma: What? Do tell!
Syd: I came in season two weeks ago -- just to bring Zoey in! That will teach your servant to plan a trip without me!!!
Karma: Wow! You are a bitch, aren't you??!!!

Sigh. Dear Husband and Galen arrive from Utah soon and then Dear Husband and I will be on our way -- dog-less :(

Hmmm... last draft test of the season is mid-November in California...


  1. What?! Syd is NOT a bitch! She is just getting you back because you would not let her come and be with me! ;-) Try to still enjoy your trip, travel safely and HAVE FUN!

  2. Dear Karma ~
    The only bitch here is "mother nature"... :-o

  3. I know you hate it when people say "it could have been worse" so I won't, but might it have been a little too exciting if dear Zoey Rosebud had come in season AFTER your departure for Back East, leaving you (and Dear Husband) to drive all those thousands of miles with both seductive Zoey and Manly Montana Mac in the back seat? Here's hoping you and Kim will have a good time regardless, and drive safe!