Sunday, October 17, 2010

Observations, Thoughts, Pictures

Random Thoughts from our trip:

Washington DC Metro Drivers -- Speak Distinctly!!!!

Washington DC citizens -- those round barrel things are called garbage cans -- use them.

Toll Booth Collectors -- it is bad manners to ignore the cheerful person handing you money and saying hello. I observed that the farther east one goes, the more the toll collectors need to attend Manners School.

Park Rangers in DC -- Should be Manner Mentors for Toll Booth Collectors.

Toll Roads -- SERIOUSLY?! $13+ to drive across Pennsylvania?! You should be paying us! From now on, all people from states with toll roads will need to send $$$ to me when they drive across our western states where there are no toll roads -- but if there were, it would at least be worth the money!

New York City -- WHY?! People are not meant to live like sardines -- it makes them crazy. Enough said.

Eastern Drivers -- those signs with the numbers??? Those are called "Speed Limits" and it works like this -- match the number on the sign with that thing called a "Speedometer" in your car -- the number on the sign and the number on your speedometer should roughly match.

Rude People on the George Washington Bridge -- Trying to cut in after you raced to the front of the line, passing those of us who waited our turn -- very bad karma not to mention bad manners. Thank you for not hitting me when I refused to let you in -- I do not believe in reinforcing bad behavior. I hope you are still sitting there.

Eastern Drivers -- Tailgating is dangerous. Flipping people off is childish. You all need to take a Chill Pill and relax.

New England Fall Colors -- LOVELY!!!!

On Thursday we left DC in a massive rain storm and drove to Connecticut. On Friday morning we drove to lovely and polite Rhode Island where we had a great lunch with friends, and then we met more friends at the draft test site -- this is a picture of Milo (Maize x Zack) -- he begs as much as his mom! (the camera started working again for no apparent reason!!!)

After a fast hi/bye, we went back to Connecticut to Montana Mac's country estate. His mom fed us a wonderful dinner and then we were loaded up and on our way.

We left Colebrook, CT at about 9:30 pm and drove west, arriving home in Montana after about 41 hours in the van.

We stopped halfway in Eau Claire, Wisconsin where I spent three years in my first academic position -- I have not been back in 14 years since I left and it was a bittersweet visit as I really loved it there. We walked Mac on the river trail where I used to walk my first berner, Emma, and where 6 year old Galen liked to play...

Montana Mac was an excellent traveler and is now getting acquainted with his harem -- here he is with Cadi...

Just Montana Mac...

Dear Husband just went to the store -- even though it is close, I declined getting back in the car!

Hope your weekend has been a fun one!


  1. Dear Mary-Ann, Kim and Montana Mac,

    Congratulations on your safe trip home--and upon the realization that there is no civilization east of the Rockies!

  2. Well, sounds like a, um, really fun trip! Just glad you made it back w/o any problems!

  3. Welcome back to the beautiful west. Do tell, how long will Montana Mac be staying with you, Kim and the lovely Kaibab Harem? Will he be sharing a "room" alone with a Kaibab Lady? If you know what I mean... :D

  4. We should be thankful there are people willing to live like that...otherwise they'd be here with us!

    Good to have you and Kim back among the sane.

  5. wow! I love your pictures! They are great I miss you and hope we somehow get to see you before christmas!

  6. I beg to differ ... there is a great deal of civilization here in the East. After all, it was this part of the country that was first "civilized" before all the wagon trains trekked westward. It's just different than the wide open spaces of the west, that's for sure.

    I hope you took in the glorious view of the Manhattan skyline while doing your best not to let that person on the GW bridge in front of you. It truly is beautiful. At least for me, every time I go over the bridge it takes my breath away.

    P.S. Your not letting that person in caused the biggest traffic back-up in the history of the state! That traffic jam made it on the nightly news. "Montana tourist backs up traffic on the GW Bridge for miles."

    Lynne from Northern NJ (one hour away from NYC) and loving every minute of living here with tongue stuck in cheek

    PPS: Congrats on Zoey and good news on Zoey's "cousin" as well with good hips/clear elbows. Thank you Zack for one beautiful Bella girl. Good luck on your Montana Mack breeding.

  7. Ha ha ha, the GW Bridge. Try it with an almost 13 year old that was sleeping through most of NJ and wakes up and has to... pee... Ha ha ha. One of the worst sets of 90 minutes in my life... to top it off, my iPass which had worked on all the tolls from IL to NJ didn't register, so I am still waiting for whatever pennance I have to pay for that mistake.