Monday, October 18, 2010

Good Things

There really are things about the east that I like!! For example, I love the history, the fall colors, Rhode Island, the ocean, all the excellent places to eat, and the amazing little country roads/communities -- and the berner people :)

It may surprise you to learn that I even have eastern roots -- my grandmother was born and raised on an estate in New Rochelle, NY and my dad was born in Princeton, NJ where my grandfather was chair of the history department at the university there. My aunt lives in New York and my uncle is in Washington DC -- and he is as nice as those excellent DC park rangers :)

I just really prefer the uncrowded west (i.e., NOT southern CA ;) and especially my adopted home -- Montana. I told Dear Husband that the reason we do not have toll roads in Montana is because it would not be worth it to collect money from the four cars per hour that travel on the interstate ;)

Tomorrow I will post the first edition of MacNews -- a discussion of the training plan and answer to the question about shared rooms (which made me seriously laugh!). But today I wanted to share this picture of Cadi -- it is from when I showed her that one day as a Special and she won Breed and made the final six in Group...

Excellent news about Zoey's half-sister clearing orthopedics -- we like to hear that!!!

I certainly hope all your news is excellent :)

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