Sunday, October 31, 2010

Yea Maddie and Happy Halloween

Today was not Cadi's day for a TDX, and that is perfectly fine as it means we still have that great day to look forward to -- but it was Maddie's day!!! Congratulations to Barb and Maddie (from the F Litter) who earned Maddie's TD today in Washington -- we are so proud of you both :)

And we thank Maddie -- and CH Asia TDX, CD, DD, Zoey TD, and Lucy CDX -- for making Halo a new Top Producer of Working Titled Dogs! Imagine that -- Halo got an award today and she did not even have to leave home :)

Marti sent this fun picture of Maverick (C Litter) enjoying Halloween -- I think Marti is just earning a little extra cash giving rides to the neighborhood kids!

And here is Faith (F Litter) enjoying the Utah snow...

I hope your weekend was an excellent one, and that anything undone only reflects the promise of something wonderful yet to happen...

1 comment:

  1. Way to go Barb and Maddie!!! That is so exciting. Nice work Halo.
    I love Maverick's picture-he looks so cute as bernomino or bernappaloosa!!