Saturday, October 2, 2010

Chatting it Up Here

It has been a chatty morning around here with everyone buzzing about recent news! Here is how it went:

Karma: You are not my BFF anymore since you said mean things about George but I will forgive you if you apologize.
Cadi: Whatever -- sorry...
Karma: That was not very sincere. But I will pretend it was and tell you what Chippy told me...
Cadi: CHIPPY?! The one you tried to kill on mom's bed?! That Chippy???
Karma: How am I supposed to know?! They all look alike -- kind of like you and the rest of your kind. Do you want to hear what Chippy said or not?
Cadi: Fine -- what did Chippy say?
Karma: I am not telling you because you are talking to me in a mean voice...

Karma: You are my real and true BFF!
Zoey: Really?? That is very exciting! Is it because we like to sit on the kitchen table together? Or because I have hips and elbows?
Karma: Everyone has hips and elbows!!! No, it is because you are nice -- and so I will tell you what Chippy told me.
Zoey: How exciting!!!!!

Karma: Be quiet and listen... Apparently Chippy was on his stump and heard my servant talking -- you need to pull your cart with all four feet on the ground!!!!! She is worried that you will try and be a snowdeer or something like that and fly while you pull the cart.
Zoey: That sounds very exciting!!!!!
Karma: You think everything is exciting but pay attention -- she is worried about you ruining it when she streaks -- or something like that... Let me think.... no, there is a streak and she is thinking you might do something about the streak -- like ruin it -- and so you better not do that!!! Feet on the ground when you pull that dumb cart!!!!
Zoey: Okay, I will try hard.
Karma: And when you go to some island -- like Street Island or Avenue Island -- to pull your cart in some quiz (or something like that) you are also going to visit the white house where Montana Mac lives with his servant -- she is famous!
Zoey: Really?! How exciting!!!!!!!!
Karma: (sighs) Yes, but I am not sure why she is famous -- but Chippy thinks it involves singing while doing laundry -- she got some kind of award for that even -- like an Award of Mister -- only different.
Zoey: How exciting!!!!!!!
Karma: My servant says she is very, very nice and that we are all going to somehow be related -- but I am not exactly sure how that is going to happen and Chippy was a little vague on the details -- plus he had some nuts in his mouth so was hard to understand...
Zoey: Well, I think it is very exciting that she has a swimming pool and I hope that Montana Mac and I can swim in it together -- water is SO exciting!
Karma: You are weird. You and Montana Mac will have lots of time to get acquainted on the drive back from that far away land -- but don't forget what I said about the streak -- keep your feet on the ground and when she stays to "stay" it means don't move anything -- not even your newly certified hips and elbows!!!!! And FYI -- your feet stink...

Zoey could not wait to relay what she learned to her BBSFFE (Beloved Best Sister-Friend Foever and Ever)...

Asia: What do you mean that Karma said that George told Chippy that mom said you can be a snow deer for Christmas with your new friend, Montana Mac???!!! And how many times do I have to explain what STAY means to you????!!!!!

And in the backyard, Syd and Cadi were having a sad conversation...

Cadi: It is true, Sydney -- I am sorry.
Syd: How could he change his mind??? Doesn't he love me??? Why would he want to stay in stupid Utah to go to the university when he could come here and be near me???
Cadi: It will be okay -- he is coming to stay with us while the parents go on the Big Adventure and so maybe you can change his mind...

Hope your day is going extra special well!!!! Lovely weather here in Montana -- off to track with Cadi...

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