Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Kind of Boring! But Cute Pictures :)

Although I have perfect pictures, I have lost all illusions of cleverness and humor and must require that Dear Reader use his/her imagination since mine is seriously lacking this week! For some unknown reason, Sydney is obsessed with Karma tonight -- see for yourself:

The reason I am imagination-deficient is because I am in a whirlwind of activity -- much of it mental -- as we get ready for the Big Adventure. The thing is that when conferences are like nine months away, they sound fun! So last January I submitted two proposals to an international conference (one with Rainey Toronto's mom, Joan) and just my luck -- they both got accepted!

Again, when something is far away in the future it all sounds easy but when one is analyzing data and blah blah academic stuff to get ready -- sigh...

And on top of that, next week is when all my materials are due for my evaluation at work -- and I am going up for a promotion and so I have to write 3,000,000 pages about how great I am -- and I am not great at saying how great I am...

Okay, so I am trying to write the 3,000,000 page volume titled "I am Great -- Promote Me", with the 5,000,000 pages of supporting documents/appendices PLUS get the presentations ready PLUS keep training Air Zoey for the draft test (test in 1.5 weeks) PLUS keep up TDX tracking with Cadi (tests coming up) PLUS etc. and etc. PLUS have all my classes online for next week since I will be gone -- and this all has to be done by this weekend... sigh....

This is all simply to explain why I lack cleverness, humor, and imagination! Oh, and did I mention that I wrote an article for the Alpenhorn?! I squeezed that in on Sunday morning -- you should see my daily lists! Thank goodness for lists!!!

Assuming I survive the next few days and get everything done, here is what is happening -- Saturday I am going to Helena with Cadi and Halo to do agility. Sunday morning Dear Husband arrives and we head east with Zoey; Galen will stay with the other five dogs.

Dear Husband will drive during the night and I will drive the rest of the time -- don't worry -- we are good at this! Monday morning we will meet up with Carol and Brighton at a dog park in Iowa City. By Monday night we will be in Alexandria, Virginia.

I wish I could see everyone I know out there but I just can't :( I am attending the conference and giving one talk on Tuesday and another on Wednesday. On Thursday we head north, visiting (I hope) my aunt in New York and seeing fall colors and so on.

Friday afternoon will find us practicing at the draft test site in Rhode Island, and hooking up with friends; we are grateful to have been invited to join a big berner slumber party for the weekend :)

IF Zoey does not come in season (everything crossed), we will compete on Saturday and Sunday and then head west, stopping to pick up Montana Mac and visit his new nieces and nephews (and his White House and his famous mom who sings laundry commercials -- or something like that ;)

I am, of course, worried about Zoey in the draft test -- not a great picture but it gives you an idea of why I might be worried:

But we have diligently been practicing and more importantly, I will take the Lucky Hanukkah Socks and I just added lovely trim to her harness.... know the motto: Look Good, Feel Good, Do Good! I need to get bows for her ears and we should be set! Anything could happen with that wild girl but at least we will be fashionable! And if they have a prize for farthest from home -- well, we should win that one handily!

Whew! I am tired already and haven't even left!!!

As I was typing this I got an email from Barb, Zaida Jamaica's mom -- she shares:

"A couple days ago I was making an exciting Lean Cuisine for lunch in the microwave. I also got out a little plastic cup of prepacked mandarin oranges for dessert. I left it on the cupboard(far back) while I ran out to get the mail. I was walking back up the driveway when I saw Zaida on the deck with the box from my Lean Cuisne. I went out there and took it away from her. UNH-UHN you know you aren't supposed to take things off the counter.. She looked contrite and followed me inside. I took out the TV dinner
and no oranges!! I went back out on the deck and searched for them-they weren't
in her rat's nest(dog bed) or under the deck or in the yard.. I went back in the
house and looked around under the kitchen cupboard, table, etc. Then I looked at
Zaida who had been following me around and said" what did you do with my

She went out through the dog door came back in and proudly dropped the container
at my feet. Since it only had one tiny tooth hole in the plastic lid I called
it good and ate them :)"

Now I see where all my cleverness and humor went -- to Colorado ;)

Hope you are having an excellent week!

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