Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Birthday Pictures!!!!!!

We do not have everyone (hint, hint) but here are some pictures from our Glitterati babies, who are now TWO!

This is Ruben Hudson Rock Star in Arizona...

Murphy Sutton had a real party in Montana!!!

Here is extra cute Tara Geneva with her mom in Utah...

Mika Ireland also had a real birthday party out there in California!

Zaida Jamaica having fun in Colorado...

I just got these of Rainey Toronto from Joan -- thanks, Joan!

Here is Sydney Sydney at her snow theme party, which was taken to a bit of an extreme as we are now snowed in...

Heidi Marie and George were in a big hurry this morning to join the party!

Note the contrast between the first picture and the last :)

So, who are we missing?????


  1. YAY! Happy Birthday to my fav girl, who I sadly do not own! Keep your momma warm, Syd! Love this litter!! And Cooper, where is your mug at, hmmmm????

  2. You know, there would be a picture of the missing boy if SOMEONE had taken his picture with their fancy camera at the fancy dog show when he looked...well, fancy! I will work on it...I'm such a slacker!