Monday, November 15, 2010

Look Good, Feel Good, Do Good

We take our motto (attributed to Joan) very seriously! Zoey shows this weekend and so we have been doing almost daily coat care.

Never combing a dry coat, I spray the section I am working on and then separate into little lines, spraying and combing each line so that the water/conditioner is on the skin and hair. I then make another line about an inch away and do it again -- takes three bottles of water/conditioner, an hour, treats, and a patient dog -- and she is small!

Here is an example of a line (click picture to enlarge):

And when we are done, this is what Zoey looks like:

This commitment to coat care makes a big difference -- the coat is very soft, shiny, and just seems bigger/fluffier -- and so while she might not win she will no doubt look stunning :)


  1. Ahahaha, she looks rather unthrilled w/the whole thing! I think it takes a patient person as well!

  2. Be Glad You Are Grooming/Showing a BMD & Not a Shih-Tzu.... You Would Be Drying Each Section Similar To What You Are Doing, But Each Section Of Hair Must Fit Into The Hair Brush As You Pull & Straighten Each Piece W/A Blow Dryer...Then Separate The Skirts Into Rubber Bands, The Face Hair, The Ears,.... Unless You Are Entering The Ring...
    I Digress.... So...One Hour Seems Do-Able To Me :D