Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Last but not Least!

COOPER Whitby! (he is the one with the big head ;)

And this is unrelated to anyone's pictures BUT I just came across this on a friend's website, and thought it was interesting:

Dear Husband just showed up, surprising us all. He borrowed a Jeep and drove all night, arriving safe and sound to spend Thanksgiving with us -- even though I have never cooked a turkey and won't be starting anytime soon :)

Still waiting on Maize's test results but she is feeling just fine -- will update when we know more...

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  1. Mary Ann ~
    Don't let a turkey intimidate you, hee, hee.
    Just wash the bird in cold water, pat it dry, drab a bit of canola oil on top while it sits on a v-shaped rack & off into a 325 oven. Of course you can do all kinds of extra things to "enhance" the bird, but this is easy. You can start simple & expand/experiment after you get your 1st bird under your belt. (This is cooking a bird w/out stuffing.) To make the gravy really, really good ~ get a jar of William Sonoma's Turkey Gravy base. Mix it as directed, equal parts base w/equal part milk & add this to your drippings...almost said "bird drippings"... lol
    Have A Lovely Thanksgiving :D