Monday, November 29, 2010

Galen's Blog Contributions

While I was at work today, Galen took a couple of very nice pictures that are Blog Worthy -- let's start with this one of George...

I explained to Galen how I knew it was George and he said I need to get out more and it was not normal to know so much about the deer -- he probably has a point...

And here we have an unposed three generation picture! Syd is in the middle with her mom on one side and grandma on the other -- how cute is that?!

I hope your week is off to an excellent start!


  1. Well it's a good thing Kim brought the couch home to sit on!

  2. Such pretty girls!! Looks just like my couch with a sheet on it and at least one dog on it..

  3. Love love love that pic on the couch! In fact, I think I must have it! ;-)

  4. LOL! I just showed this picture to Keith and he thought it was Zelda, Zaida and Sadie(my friends dog that was here for Thanksgiving). He thought it was our sofa in front of our window...