Wednesday, November 24, 2010

A Ride Up

Maize's bloodwork shows a possible infection (high white cells but no fever) and the cells they looked at from a swollen lymph node do not show Lymphoma (YEA!) -- it shows cells consistent with an infection or potentially another malignancy but they recommend a biopsy.

Since Maize is feeling perfectly fine (on Monday morning she was barely walking and clearly not well), I am going to think about the biopsy and what would be gained by doing it versus waiting and seeing what happens. At her age (10 years, 4 mos) I am not sure we would aggressively treat a cancer anyway -- so knowing sooner rather than later (if it is cancer) might not benefit her/us.

She has been started on antibiotics now -- maybe it is best to see what happens with that... Putting her under anesthesia to do a biopsy to possibly diagnose something we would not aggressively treat anyway -- hmmmm.... and when it could just be an infection....more hmmmm....



  1. I think letting the antibiotics get in there and do some work, and then re-assesing when the RX is done might be good? Anesthesia can be a scary thing. Re-do blood after drugs? Either way, hugs to you all...

  2. I think that whatever decision you arrive at will be the "right" one, because you are making it on the basis of what is best for Mrs. Maize, and making it out of love.
    That said, I would think that if it is an infection you should see some positive changes (and indeed, the improvement you have already seen may be her own system trying to shake it off) in the next few days. Antibiotics--when you need 'em, use 'em and this is one of those times! I am assuming you have had a full blood panel done, and that none of the "cancer markers" were found, RBC count OK? (Sigh of relief, here.) What site were they suggesting for biopsy? Anesthesia might be more dangerous at Maize's age than anything else, and perhaps an abdomenal ultrasound might yield some information less invasively.
    Has Maize been eating the same diet as the other doggies? At her age you might consider prophylactically starting her on the so-called "cancer diet", not because of any cancer but because it's lack of sugars may be better for Mrs. Maize's senior citizen digestion.
    So we'll keep fingers and paws crossed for Mrs Maize that it was only a bit of indigestion--and don't forget to give her a dollop of yoghurt to keep her tummy flora and fauna balanced when she's on the antibiotics.
    Wishing you all a Happy Thanksgiving tomorrow and being thankful for today...

  3. All of my girls are on a low carb diet/kibble and have been for years -- while it is not proven to prevent cancer, it does seem to impact longevity in dogs with certain cancers so I decided it was worth doing throughout their lives.

    Maize has elevated white blood cells and elevated neutrophils; she also has an enlarged lymph node that does not show evidence of lymphoma -- it has a large number of histiocytes, which can also indicate infection.

    Two weeks ago I think she had a small seizure -- no repeat of that. However, the vet thinks she has a very slightly bulging right eye -- it is definitely goopy and looking different but you would not notice it unless looking.

    On Monday she did not want to walk and I gave her an anti-inflammatory -- now she is 100% normal acting.


  4. I agree with all your thoughts & efforts regarding Ms. Maize. (not that it holds any importance) But, I know you couldn't be closer to your dogs on a daily basis than you are. I agree with Barb, you are doing and will do what is right for Maize ~ she has you in her corner :D