Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Fun with the Flitters

In the past couple of weeks we have had some excellent accomplishments by the Flitters, and I wanted to share a couple of pictures and offer very public congratulations.

First of all, as I have shared previously, Maddie Madison got her TD -- on her first try. Here is a description of the track posted by one of the judges, Sil Sanders:

"Kaibab'z Free Spirit RA new TD, a 2-year-old Bernese Mountain Dog bitch,
navigated her first leg at a steady pace then speeded up on the second and
overshoot the second corner. Fringing the far side of the third leg, she
overshoot the third corner and came back to the fourth leg and committed
down it. But something was not quite right, so she back-tracked a ways,
then fringed downwind of the fourth leg until the final corner when she
zoomed in on the last leg and then her glove. Handled confidently by Barb
McColgan Pastore of Port Townsend."

And here is a picture of the happy event:

Maya Darby, also a member of the Flitter Team, recently earned her RN -- her mom shares this excellent report:

"This past weekend Maya earned the last 2 legs of her Rally Novice B title with scores of 98 and 95 and 2nd place both days. Now, I know that in the land of Kaibab this is not a big deal. Heck, it takes 2 lines to fit all her mom's titles onto an entry form. But in the life of Maya this is a really big accomplishment. Maya was spayed in mid July following heat cycles every 3 months and false pregnancies between. The pathology report on her uterus was "chronic purulent endometritis" and a few other long medical terms."

In other words, Maya had not been well for some time and it made her life challenging, especially because dogs are so stoic and nobody really knew what was up with her -- but now she is better and happy and playful and started on the title track :)

Here is her picture:

Although not the only measure, title are meaningful because they tell us that the dog is working and training -- thanks for Karen and Barb for giving the gift of an interesting life to Maddie Madison and Maya Darby and big congratulations on those titles!!!!

Half of the Flitters now have working titles -- at just two years old! Way to go Team Flitter!

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