Sunday, November 14, 2010

Weekend Happenings!

Big excitement around here!!! FURNITURE! Yes indeed, Dear Husband drove a big U-Haul up with most of our stuff from the Utah house but even better? Following him was a carload of strong and cheerful helpers -- Jake, Cassie, Galen and Tanner! See for yourself how the day unfolded:

Dear Husband, now retired, is happily growing out his hair -- he says that he wants a PONY TAIL (!!!). I think he has a great start :)

We had some excellent supervisors...

Cadi, Maize and especially Syd were absolutely besides themselves when they saw their brothers, but most especially GALEN!!! This is Cadi and Galen -- Cadi is telling Galen that he cannot leave anymore and Galen agreed -- he changed his mind (again) and is registered for the Spring semester at the University of Montana -- YEA!!!!! Although he will be moving into Missoula, he will be close enough to once again be our excellent Dog Nanny :)

We took everyone out to the only real restaurant in our little town -- Cafe en Jalisco -- to say thanks and celebrate Cassie's b-day. We included Cassie's paternal grandfather, who happens to live just 15 miles from us! We have adopted him into our family and enjoy hearing his wonderful stories about growing up in southern California/Hollywood -- before it exploded into the giant mess it is now ;)

And then the boys went over the the local casino, which apparently only has video poker -- they came home happy since all they lost was my ten dollars!

They convinced the long-haired, grizzled ex-cop to shoot off illegal fireworks and then we were all done! Everyone except Galen leaves this morning, and Dear Husband will continue to ready the Utah house to rent but he will be back up in 1.5 weeks for Thanksgiving :)

And that is our report -- hope you are also having a moving weekend but not involving lifting and U-Hauls!


  1. Awww, the fam looks so good! I am diggin all the boys hairdo's! Like Galen's new close crop as well! ;-) Jealous that he is going to be spending so much time w/my dog!! Sheesh!!! Happy house organizing!!

  2. Yes, I did want to mention that when Galen left Montana his hair was not that color! Clearly Utah was a bad influence - good thing he is coming back to Montana :)

  3. Last time I saw Galen's do, it was dark and standing up 4 inches in the air in the first stage of dred! I do believe I prefer this look rather than the other! ;-) Kidding, as it really is JUST hair! Snort!