Saturday, November 6, 2010

Saturday Happenings in Montana

A busy day here in western Montana. Montana Mac thought all the happenings were quite interesting!

Zoey said, "throw the stinking ball already!"

Karma decided to show the dogs how to have a good time, and said to Cadi, "watch this"...

Mac and Syd were amazed and could not take their eyes off her!

Syd said, "that is one crazy cat! No wonder squirrels fear her and deer make friends!"

Karma triple dog dared the dogs to try it, but none of them was brave enough...

So they decided to try and dig a hole to China -- Cadi was first and reports that digging is hard work!

Mac thought it seemed interesting so he said, "move over and let a man handle this!"

Halo told Mac to go chew on a stick or something -- digging is a job for tough, strong chicks...

Syd decided she was a tough, strong chick and so she took a turn as well...

Zoey was too busy chasing her ball to take a turn -- so she didn't.

Cadi and Syd had a conference to decide how much farther it was to China...

...and it was decided to continue the work tomorrow :)

Hope you are having a productive weekend!

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