Monday, December 6, 2010

The Adventures of Mr. Wonderful

Straight from lovely Montana comes the ongoing Saga of Mr. Wonderful

Mr. Wonderful started life in Utah as a lovely little man who said all the perfect things -- for example, "Let's just stop here and ask for directions" and "You take the remote control tonight".

Before Mrs. Maize was a Mrs. and was just a plain Miss, she would have false pregnancies that -- to her -- were quite real, with the delivery of a whole collection of odd looking babies.

One night I was sound asleep when suddenly a male voice said, "let's just cuddle tonight" -- and it was not the sound asleep Dear Husband! As you might imagine, this was a little shocking!!!

Well, it was Mr. Wonderful -- newly delivered next to the bed as Miss Maize's favorite baby. As any good mother would do, she then spent a lot of time poking him with her nose to make sure he was still alive, prompting him to say one of his many little sayings that no real man would ever say. She tenderly cleaned him, slept with him -- and poked him to make him talk.

Since he was the only baby of her odd litters that ever talked, he was clearly the favorite. But he was not the favorite of the other dogs, and one day he was stolen and taken outside and beheaded...

No matter -- he still talked, since his voicebox is strangely in his tummy and so he continued his periodic duties as favorite baby. We worried that Miss Maize would be so disappointed when real puppies did not talk, and worried she would kill them by poking their tummies but she seemed to understand the difference and only poked Mr. Wonderful.

Mrs. Maize still likes Mr. Wonderful and this is what she looked like yesterday after poking his tummy and hearing the voice of her favorite baby...

Well, Sydney (Maize's granddaughter) is now collecting her own pretend babies -- so far she has delivered a phone and a remote control on the bed -- and so we thought she might like to meet her uncle, Mr. Wonderful. Well, it was love at first sight -- and off she went with Mr. Wonderful, her uncle/baby, to their den on the bed...

Unfortunately, Cadi (Maize's non-verbal baby and Sydney's mom) also loves Mr. Wonderful and so she nabbed her brother/baby from right under Sydney's nose and ran off with him, causing great distress and resulting in Mr. Wonderful being put back on the shelf, ending this latest chapter of his adventures.

I hope you have your own Mr/Miss Wonderful but that s/he has a head.


  1. I can understand the dilemma of multiple dogs being in love with Mr. Wonderful. Hopefully he can come back out soon. :)

  2. That is so funny! Lottie had a very strange "litter" after her first heat cycle. She would dig them a "hole" under my desk and carefully put them into place up next to my feet.

  3. Ahahaha! What a great story! No one should take stuff from my Syd! ;-)