Friday, December 17, 2010

Life Lesson #524

Who among us doesn't enjoy the close company of the people and things we love? The hardest part of the past 2.5 years for me has been the separation and distance from people, places, and things that I have loved. While I love Montana and my new life, it has also been a time of chronic sorrow for what is not here and what is lost.

At least I have had the dogs -- they have attributes that many of us would do well to emulate. For example, you cannot beat their loyalty and devotion -- and they are too honest to play silly games. Their disappointments and anger never smolders with passive-aggressive rage -- they just handle things quickly, directly, and move on. Dogs live in the present, with the past only a dim reminder of what to seek and what to avoid -- and the future just doesn't even have a place -- it is all about today, right now.

Keeping those we love close to us is a lesson that Zoey embraces...

Cadi slipped up -- she was not as careful as she should have been with the beloved Mr. Wonderful, which she swiped from Sydney, who also wasn't paying attention. This allowed Mr. Wonderful to be nabbed by Zoey... It is not good to be inattentive with those who matter.

But Cadi learned her lesson and says it will not happen again...

A good lesson for all -- pay attention to those things and people you hope will stay close to you.

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