Tuesday, December 28, 2010


I have decided that I do not agree with the initial diagnosis from biopsy #1 -- her symptoms are not consistent with the diagnosis. Maize is acting totally fine -- eating, playing, etc. So I am going to call the vet tomorrow and chat with him again about exactly what type of testing is being done on Maize's tissue - and request some advanced testing be done if it has not been done already (I have been doing some research this evening); I am also anxious to hear what UC Davis has to say.

Therefore, I am no longer upset/depressed -- I just do not think we have enough information yet and why be upset/depressed about what might happen and/or be true?! If we did that, we would sit in bed eating cookie dough and crying all the time because bad things are always possible...

Maize did not seem impressed when I announced to her that I was not giving up -- and that I thought the diagnosis was wrong. But I felt better :)


  1. Just to send a chuckle your way, may I humbly submit that eating cookie dough isn't necessarily a bad thing? Certainly Maddie doesn't think so...today I am making short bread--again. I made a few batches to give as presents to neighbors, then found I had a family that felt that charity begins at home! While I suspect those with opposable thumbs for opening the rubbermaid containers, I noted upon my return to the kitchen that the mixer's beaters, spoons and mixing bowl were suspiciously clean...and I hope that if you're not baking short bread you're baking bagels.
    Let's laugh, because we can.

  2. Oh - I LOVE cookie dough and think it is the supreme comfort food -- well, that and cereal!