Saturday, December 18, 2010

Good Thoughts Needed

Arrived in Utah last night to pick up Dear Husband and the breakables from our house here -- Galen called me an hour ago and Maize doesn't want to move and won't eat -- she was fine at breakfast with a slight limp. Instructed him to give pain meds and monitor her. Vet is closed so she would have to go to the Pet Emergency -- not sure I want to do that because it is very important to me that unnecessary things not be done TO her. Once again, my need to know has to be balanced with what is best for her. I wish dogs could talk :(

Plan is to sit tight for an hour or two with Galen monitoring and us trying to reach Heidi in case Maize needs to be seen at the emergency clinic in Missoula.

This could be a very fast trip back to Montana...

Think good thoughts.

(update) She is doing a little better so we will continue to just give her pain meds and watch...


  1. Thanks -- what a roller coaster this is...

  2. Peaches, Ochoco and I are sending healing and thoughts and hugs to both you and Maize.


  3. I am sending good thoughts to Ms Maize.

  4. Saying prayers and sending healing thoughts to Mrs. Maizie. We all love her.

  5. How is she doing??? All good thoughts to her.