Wednesday, December 8, 2010

The Rest of the Story


I heard back from Mike M. As you might imagine, I was a little concerned about his reaction but honestly it could not have been nicer :)

I am glad that I wrote the bullying blogs because I got lots of positive emails about them; I am glad they made a difference. And I am happy that I found Mike, and that I wrote to him -- it is really okay to confront your past.

Because I wrote to him, I gave Mike the chance to re-author the storyline that we shared. His input transformed him in my head -- he is no longer that Bully who hurt me but rather a perfectly nice, decent man.

The Mike Story from my childhood got a Happy Ending -- because I told it and invited input. I am reminded that unless we talk to each other and share our stories, they stay in our heads with no opportunity for transformation, growth, or Happy Endings.

The take home messages? Well, I suspect I will be thinking about this for some time and I started to list some -- but then I decided to ask you -- what are the take home messages from all this from YOUR perspective?

What an interesting experience this has been... and rather empowering I must say :)

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