Tuesday, December 21, 2010

A Really BIG, LONG, SLOW Adventure!!!!

First things first, Maize is acting like a puppy -- go figure! Mass on shoulder may have to get a drain since it is not going away but she is feeling good :)

So, as I previously mentioned I went to Utah and collected fragile things and Dear Husband, and then we headed off for two days in Wendover, Nevada -- a tacky gambling town on the Utah/Nevada border that sent Kim a certificate for a free room and $200 in slot plays.

The room was quite nice and we took the $200 in slot plays and turned it into close to $100 in real money. Dear Husband played Craps -- his favorite -- and actually did well so the vacation was a money maker, which is highly unusual when gambling is involved :)

However, it turned out we used most of the luck for Kim's gambling and only had enough to get home safely, which is important but what a drive! It is under 600 miles and we left nice and early on clear roads -- but that didn't last too long and 13+ hours later we finally made it home.

We went up Highway 93, which is a stunningly lovely drive through Idaho. Unfortunately we had snow-packed roads for hundreds of SLOW miles. But we took pictures so here is a picture story of our long, slow adventure...

It was after Twin Falls that things fell apart on the roads -- apparently Idaho is also lacking in the snow plow/road clearing department (as is Montana). But we went though this lovely place...

I tried to explain to Dear Husband that the Hippie Era is over but I suspect he will soon want some tie-dyed tee shirts and Birkenstocks to go with his new emerging Willie Nelson look...

After a long time of white knuckle driving we arrived in a little town called Challis and had lunch/took a break to get my heart rate down, and then we headed back out towards Salmon. I prefer to do the driving and so Dear Husband said helpful things like, "you can go faster" and "this [snow packed road] is not really that bad" and when there was a sign that said, "watch for ice" he helpfully noted that the ice was buried under all the snow. In addition to providing this moral support, he took some pictures.

This is a picture of the road when it was GOOD!

In addition to lacking in road clearing equipment, Idaho is apparently also lacking in money for road safety features such as guard rails. Highway 93 winds along the Salmon River -- and I mean winds. While it is lovely to be so close to the river for miles and miles, it was also unnerving to be so close to the river for miles and miles with nary a guard rail in sight -- do they think that guard rails will ruin the scenic drive?! Exhibit A -- see the guard rails??!! Answer: NO.

The condition of the road and the close proximity of the river and absence of guard rails prompted Dear Husband and I to have a discussion about whether we should first remove clothes when we plunged into the river or if it was better to just try and get out. We concluded that if one could stand up in the river, it was best to just make a break for it -- but if one had to swim, one should strip quickly.

And suddenly -- for some unknown random reason -- a guard rail appeared for about 100 feet. Since the road goes along the river for miles and miles, I am not sure what that meant -- maybe that is all the guard rail they could afford?!

It would not be a trip through Idaho/Montana without wildlife attempting suicide at every opportunity -- luckily when one is driving seven miles per hour it is easy to stop. Here are Heidi Marie's Idaho cousins...

And a blurry bull elk!

But this is my favorite and I took it myself!! Reminiscent of Galen and the bears, Dear Husband was helpfully (frantically even) trying to call me back but when I am determined to get a good picture -- well, one has to be willing to sacrifice for art -- meet my new friend, Stinker...

And no, he did not spray me but still -- that was one stinking, long, slow, stressful trip home -- but entertaining now that it is over :)

Coming Soon -- H Litter plans!


  1. Good all around! Glad you're home safe, and are back to being a consolidated household at last. The pictures are great--you can't get that quality with a cell phone, you must have a great lens on a real camera, and the Craters of the Moon area seems especially well-named. As for Dear Hippie Husband, relax and rejoice--he's probably enjoying not having to shave every morning and besides it keeps his face warm in the winter. I predict the beard will stay, so as long as he doesn't decide to grow a mullet count yourself lucky!
    And best of all is the news that Maize is happy and feeling well.
    And just think--now the days are getting longer!

  2. Ahahaa, hilarious! The joys of two people of the opposite sex trapped in a long stressful drive! How fun! Thankfully it was beautiful. And, thankfully again, your name is now not stinker!!! Glad you are home safe and sound!

  3. That road looked a lot different when we drove up for Camp Berner!!!

  4. I love Stinker and "Willie Nelson"!!!!

    That scenary didn't look quite the same in the summer...

    Can't wait to hear about the "H" litter news - I think the Heintzberger family should have at least a couple!!!

    Cindy H.